Trinity International School is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. Our school, as per the regulations and guidelines given in the bye laws of the CBSE board, is committed to serve the nation’s children, through high quality education endeavours, empowering them to contribute towards a humane, just and pluralistic society, promoting introspective living, by creating exciting learning opportunities with a commitment to excellence.
CBSE syllabus is child centric and encourages an integrated approach and the students are able to relate classroom learning to real life situations. The framework of curriculum for each subject has been planned in accordance with pedagogical needs by the subject experts.
The school juxtaposes scholastics and Co-scholastic pattern which triggers the multiple intelligences of every Trinitarian. To instil the holistic development, the school provides a wide range of activities like cricket, basket ball, volley ball, archery, skating, yoga, karate, classical and modern dance, instrumental music, vocal music and fine arts.
The students have many out-of-classroom activities and experience like outdoor lessons, games, sports and many more.
One of the unique traits of our school is development of language skills. Many necessary programmes have been initiated by the school like special grammar by experts who apply different and interesting teaching methods which include lots of fun activities and games based on grammar. Handwriting is also monitored in parallel by the handwriting experts. The school follows cursive handwriting and fosters every child to write beautifully and legibly.
The school has framed a phenomenal homework and test schedule from grade 3 to 8. It is planned in such a way that no child would feel over loaded or boredom.
The students are facilitated with indepth teaching and teaching beyond text books providing them much additional and detailed information.
The school also emphasis on rigorous revision of lessons, since it helps the students to understand the lessons better and creates the capability of having a long lasting impact in their minds.


We offer the following streams for our senior secondary students.