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OUR School


Trinity International School Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi, was established in 2010, with the sole objective of providing holistic education with a perfect balance of academics, Sports and Extra Curricular activities. The school is located in the heart of Namakkal town and is easily accessible to students coming from different parts of the town. Amidst the beautiful hilly landscape, stands our school building. The Chinese modelled building reaches step by step to a height of 5 storeys – a reflection of the school’s aspiration to provide a sound base from which students will raise great heights.
The school comprises of 1500 students and 100 teaching faculty. Trinity is a Day cum Residential School. Trinity International School is highly progressive, Proactive and vibrant institution committed deeply to the cause of education. It has been successful in designing the curriculum to suit its needs by making it relevant to the present time, appealing and interesting. The school has broken through the confines of convention and has always been searching for breakthroughs to excel in the field of educating through innovations.
The students spend the most important, most malleable and most impressionable stage at school. We at Trinity, take this opportunity to shower all our love and warmth on them and create a rich, fertile, stimulating and a happy environment for them to grow and blossom.
The school has a deep desire to make its students emotionally strong, academically sound, well groomed and above all excellent, selfless, noble human beings who would make a difference in the world.