Rules and Regulations

Students and the parents / the guardians shall adhere strictly to the rules and regulations noted here. The Principal's decision in this regard shall be final and binding on the student and the parent / guardian.

1. Students must attend the school on all working days and be punctual to the school. Latecomers and absentees shall have their late attendance and absence record signed by their parents/guardians.

2. Use of English: English should be spoken in the school premises to acquire proficiency in usage of the language.

3. The school uniform should be clean, neat and properly pressed and must be worn on all working days.

4. Students shall bring those textbooks and notebooks required by their timetable, as well as their diary and writing materials to school.

5. Students should be polite and courteous. All students are urged to maintain high moral and ethical standards set by the school in their manners and conduct.

6. Any reported or observed objectionable conduct of the pupil inside or outside the campus will invite disciplinary action.

7. No jewellery including silver anklets, fancy chains, dangling ear rings, etc. should be worn to the school on any occasion. Valuable articles are not required for academic or co-curricular activities and school will never entertain this.

8. Boys shall ensure that their hair is trimmed short at regular intervals. Girls shall plait their hair neatly into two halves with black bands. Finger and toe nails shall be manicured.

9. The students shall keep the classrooms and their surroundings neat and tidy.

10. The Class Teacher should be notified immediately of any change in the address/telephone number of the student or his/her parent/guardian.

11. Parents/Guardians shall ensure that their child/ward devote enough time at home to their studies and assignments.

12. Parents/Guardians should always ensure that school diary is being checked every day being acknowledged

13. Books and magazines which are not recommended by the teachers shall not be brought to the school.

14. No student shall leave the school premises during the school hours, without the permission of the Principal.

15. No student shall stay back in the school premises after the school hours except when it is advised by the Principal or teachers.

16. Suggestions can also be dropped in suggestion box put up in front of the school building. Any note of request / complaint / suggestion etc. should be given in writing to the school office.

17. Students are advised not to bring electronic gadgets, CDs, Pen drive and hard disk.